We're a friendly DIY community bike workshop in Colchester town centre run completely by volunteers.

For a suggested minimum donation of just £5 you can make use of our fully stocked workshop to work on your own bike, either on your own or under the supervision of one of our mechanics.


15 Queen Street (rear)

Opening times

We’re open on the first and third week of each month:

Saturdays: 1-4pm
Wednesdays: 6:30-8:30pm

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What is a bike kitchen?

CBK is an open, safe, friendly DIY bicycle workshop, open for anyone regardless of background, gender, orientation, faith or means.

We give you access to work stands, tools and some spare parts so you can learn to fix your own bike. There’s always at least one mechanic on hand to answer any questions or help you if you get stuck. We’re all about empowering you to learn how to look after and fix your own bike.

Oh, and we have an open-kettle policy!

What is a bike kitchen not?

A bike kitchen isn’t a bike shop. We don’t carry out repairs for you, and we don’t offer a warranty or guarantee on any work – because you do the work yourself!

While we hold a small stock of spares, it’s not comprehensive, and we encourage you to support your local bike shop (LBS) by buying from them. We only guide you as far as you want to go, and encourage you to take your bike to your LBS if you’re not comfortable carrying out any work yourself (even under supervision).

We’ve put together a list of LBS and independent mechanics we recommend, which you can find here.