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In addition to coming along to our regular CBK sessions, we wanted to offer a way for you to support us each month.

We have two membership levels. Pick yours below…

Membership Levels

  • Unlimited FREE use of the workshop whenever we’re open
  • A shiny membership card(!)
  • Holographic CBK stickers
  • That warm fuzzy feeling inside
Become a £5 member
  • Unlimited FREE use of the workshop whenever we’re open
  • A shiny membership card(!)
  • Holographic CBK stickers
  • That warm fuzzy feeling inside
  • 10% discount on all purchases made at CBK (excluding courses)
Become a £10 member

You can now get unlimited access to CBK for an entire year, or for six months with our monthly and yearly membership plans. This includes everything from our £5 membership level.

They’re also a great gift idea for someone in your life who really loves tinkering with their bike!

Supporter membership: By popular demand we’ve introduced a new level of membership at £3 a month which lets you make a small monthly contribution to CBK for around the price of a coffee. Thank you! (we’ll also send you a couple of stickers)

If you’d like unlimited use of the workshop then you’ll still need to sign up to either a £5 or £10 membership.

Become a £3 supporter


How does it work?
You authorise a direct debit via our signup forms linked above. We take payment on the 1st of each month, until you cancel your direct debit. This means you’re completely in control of your payments.

How does it work, technically?
We use the third party service GoCardless to collect payments on our behalf. They take 1% of every direct debit payment (5p or 10p in our case), and each month we transfer the money to our bank account to help us keep the lights on and pay our bills.

Can I just pay you cash once a month?
You’re welcome to come to a CBK session and make a monthly donation that way, but to receive the benefits listed above we ask you to commit to a monthly direct debit.

What of my information can you see?
When you sign up we can see your name, email address and postal address. We can also see the last two digits of your account number and which bank this account is with.

Is my information safe?
All your information is stored by GoCardless. You can read more about their security and privacy policy here and here. Ultimately, it’s up to you to answer that question, but we are happy enough to use their service. If at any point that changes, we’ll let you know.

Can I register to use the workshop as a business?
No. Colchester Bike Kitchen is a DIY community workshop for personal use only. If we suspect a membership subscription has been registered or is being used for businesses purposes we will cancel the direct debit and contact you via the registered email address. Any subscription fees that have been paid will not be refunded.

How can I cancel my direct debit?
You can cancel yourself at any time through your bank (online, or in a branch). We’re also happy to cancel it for you at our end instead, just send us an email.